Chinny Lijnbaan opened for Easter

Chinny Lijnbaan opened for Easter

Famous RotterdamSurinam Streetfood restaurant Chinny opened their colourful new shop right before the Easter weekend. In the new design, we aimed at making the space readable at a glance and looked for the colours found in Surinam cuisine and drinks for inspiration for the bright colour palette.

The space is set up as a decor in a frontal perspective. When you enter from the central entrance, you directly face the bar and see the highlighted staircase. The workspace is organised in two linear zones separated by two volumes clad in purple and blue tiles in front of a yellow background. The high part of the bar is a component on wheels that can be moved towards the door in order to serve through the front door during after hours.

The redesign of the facade of the whole block is a separate project by Bureau Van Eig, bringing the exterior back in line with the original 1950’s design intent of the Lijnbaan. We aligned the interior elements  with the new facade and highlighted the original structure of the building, giving the space a naturel calmness and order to accompany the bright colours.

We believe it will give Chinny a boost to last another 20 years on this location and we are proud we could help them with their new interior!