WorkHome – Playhome

A fun house for living, working and having guests.
Even if it happens all at once.

The aim for the interior design of this typical Dutch townhouse in the center of Rotterdam was to give this new build a similar outspoken character as usually found in renovation projects.

The typical layout is upgraded with sliding doors and an open loft style top floor, enhancing the spatial quality of the house. The standard stairs are transformed into a vertical sculpture. The textured materialisation and bold colourscheme add character and warmth to the sharp division between materials and geometric shapes.


3. Roofterrace – 2. Play / Guest room with bathroom, pantry, technical room and workspace – 1. Bedroom, bathroom and bedroom – 0. Hall, kitchen, living room and garden


The garden is treated as the main asset of the house and the ground floor is designed for a view into this garden. Warm orange and pink tones in the livingroom complement the green of the garden and the blue scoria brick terrace.

1-LAGADO-architects-workhome-playhome-Rotterdam-interior-garden-living-orange-ligne-roset-valchromat-by Ruben Dario Kleimeer
The living room and garden are conceived as one continuous space whith outspoken colours and textured surfaces – Photo by Rubén Dario Kleimeer





The groundfloor is an open space, divided in different zones: sitting at the bar at the kitchen window, cooking, eating underneath the sculptural staircase and relaxing in the living area with the built in bench – Photo by LAGADO architects



One wall cabinet organises the livingroom and kitchen – Photo by Rubén Dario Kleimeer



The 3,25m ceiling high sliding doors enhance the spatial qualities of the kitchen and hall, breaking the mold of typical Dutch housing schemes and adding air and light to both spaces – Photos by LAGADO architects


The blue and orange terrazzo tiles and bright pink sliding doors tie the blue kitchen cabinets back to the livingroom.
The dedicated space for plants in the bar at the kitchen window and on top of the cabinets pulls the garden even further into the house.

3-Lagado-architects-workhome-playhome-Rotterdam-interior-blue-orange-terrazzo-pink-sliding-door-kitchen-blue-valchromat-by Ruben Dario Kleimeer
3,25 m ceiling high sliding doors enhance the spatial quality of the hall and kitchen, merging both into one space – Photo by Rubén Dario Kleimeer



Complementing colours and textures, sharp divisions between materials and geometric shapes give this interior for a family home character and various atmospheres.


Cabinets, curtains and built in furniture together form a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom – Photo by LAGADO architects



The blue staircase links all the rooms of the house together and provides sneak peaks into each floor through triangular windows.



6-Lagado-architects-workhome-playhome-Rotterdam-interior-blue-stair-bathroom-green-tiles-pink-bamboo-by Ruben Dario Kleimeer
The top floor is an open loft space, with a small batroom and pantry, making it ideal for multiple uses, such as having guests, working, playing music or as game room – Photo by Rubén Dario Kleimeer


The top floor is open from front to back, giving the studio space a pleasant light ambience – Photo by LAGADO architects



The house is part of an ensemble with small individual gardens that connect to a central shared garden – Photo by Rubén Dario Kleimeer


typology residential interior, 135 m2
commissioned private, 2016
realisation 2019
design interior design, built in furniture, sliding doors and garden design
built DIY, besides:
cabinets built by HuisHout
sliding doors built by Elmer Koopmans
location Rotterdam
photography Rubén Dario Kleimeer and LAGADO architects
publications Dezeen, Archdaily, Framemagazine, Architectenweb, ElleDecoration Russia, Newgenerationsweb, Baunetz-ID
awards Nomination Archdaily Building Of The Year 2021 – interior